Can You Escape Prison Break Walkthrough

Guide for Can You Escape Prison Break Walkthrough – escape by any means and don’t get caught! find items and solve puzzles to open more room, explore locations and reach the exit !
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Can You Escape series continues with long-awaited Prison Break game!

All level of Can You Escape Prison Break solutions :
can you escape prison break walkthrough
can you escape prison break bonus level walkthrough

Can You Escape Prison Break Solutions
move the cloth from sink and get the stone
go to left and get the tool inside book
combine both items and break the wall

go inside
look at the book for code and knife
use knife to cut the pillow and enter numbers : 2816
get the screwdriver
go back and move the bed then open the air vent with screwdriver

move forward and use knife to to open the end of the vent
look at paper on left locker for color clue : blue red red green
tap on calendar for the color + numbers
enter the code into the locker lock 2 14 4
obtain can opener + key, also open middle locker for bat stick

go back to the vent and open right path with key and use bat to move the panel
into the laundry room

pick up 2 clothes on right
take 2 detergent and combine them then use it to the lock on the right window
go up

get stones on right and use it to break the window
take the bricks near the lamp then place it to the right
climb up

combine both clothes and use it to move the valve
go down to janitor room
get USB stick on the trash can, pliers on left shelf
look at the crossword paper for clue : ARGUE
use this code to open surveillance room

take a look on right photo for numbers 67 46 72 39
match it with the folder color and you will get : grey – green – yellow – black
enter these color on the monitor then plug the USB stick
match the room picture
go out the laser will gone

move to the kitchen
get the paper on the ground
pick up the brush and combine with pliers to get hook
use hook to reach the card on left room to the right side
clean the card into the sink then use it to open the storage room

go inside and get the wheel behind the cardboard
place it on the floor then add the pliers to connect it
use the wheelbarrow to get the gas tank
back to the kitchen stove and open right panel with screwdriver
add the gas inside then use pliers on the knob to connect the pipe
tap the knob to get fire then burn the paper

go to fire alarm and use the paper to open the door
move up through the stairs and use brick on wall to open the door

find 3 piece of paper part for code
open the table drawer for key
look behind the painting to enter the numbers : 17384
get the gun

go back to the hallway and open toilet with key
pick up 2 items : soap and toothbrush
back to the kitchen and use the tootbrush on the pot
combine key + soap for mold then add pot to the soap to get another key

go to generator room and add 2 keys to open the door
connect the plug inside and turn on power by connecting the wire direction

back to the kitchen and open the fridge with green light
take the dog food can
open it with can opener

go out and move forward
open the panel with screwdriver and change the color correctly to open the door
place the dog food into the bowl
go out and shoot 2 lights and you can continue to bonus level


In this room escape game you’ll find yourself locked up in a supermax prison. As this jail is designer to house inmates who are high escape risk your mission won’t be easy. You have to be clever, you need to think like a lifelong prisoner in order to find your way out. The detention center is packed with puzzles and traps so get ready to solve tricky riddles, break enigmatic codes and find carefully hidden objects to complete your goal – escape!

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