Can You Escape Titanic Level 11 Walkthrough

Solutions for Can You Escape Titanic Level 11 Walkthrough – Do you think you have the skills to escape from the sinking Titanic ? solve codes, riddles, puzzles, lock picking and breaking codes answers to escaping from all the sinking titanic rooms. Collect 15 missing crystals to unlock the secret room !
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Can You Escape Titanic Stage 11 Cheats
pick up iron pipe and cutter on floor
tap right box and use cutter to open it to get hammer
look at lantern on left ladder and use hammer to break the glass
take the coin

tap right air vent and use coin to open the screws
insert the pipe and get the gas
use gas on the forklift
now connect the colors for yellow blue and red
the forklift will gone and you can get the wheel

connect the wheel on ladder to move it
go up and get the key
open the locker with this key for duct tape and paper clue
do the math for mallet knife plate spoon towel numbers
tap left keypad and connect the wires with duct tape
enter 3733 to open the door and escape
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