Can You Escape Titanic Level 9 Walkthrough

Answer for Can You Escape Titanic Level 9 Walkthrough – Do you think you have the skills to escape from the sinking Titanic ? solve codes, riddles, puzzles, lock picking and breaking codes answers to escaping from all the sinking titanic rooms. Collect 15 missing crystals to unlock the secret room !
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Can You Escape Titanic Stage 9 Cheats
tap right door and get key on chair
look at left cabinet and use key to open the bottom drawer
get a bottle + light bulb + iron
tap left side and get a tissue

tap right side and use iron on the bed to open the hatch
obtain a cable plug and get photo on board

back to left side and place the light bulb on the board
connect the plug and put the X-Ray photo on the board
you will see a blue line for number position :
2 – 3
5 – 6

back to the cabinet and tap on the table
enter 2 3 5 6 to open the lock and open drawer
obtain a paper with arrows

go back to the right bed
combine tissue + bottle and clean left board for number clue
3 4 1
2 5
match it with the arrow direction clue :
right – up left – up down – down right – left

press these code on the door and you can escape
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