Can You Escape Tower 2 Level 13 Walkthrough

Tips for Can You Escape Tower 2 Level 13 Walkthrough – Find all 15 purple dragon gem on each stage to unlock secret room and solve puzzle logic & riddle code to escape all the tower room !
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Can You Escape Tower 2 Stage 13 Cheats
get a meat on right ground
tap right side and get brush, saw on table
give the meat to the wolf
go inside the hole to get the knife and clean the dirty wall with brush
now tap on the dot + line from small number to big :
2 1 3
8 4 5
7 6 9
get a gear button

use knife to cut the cloth on table
look at the bear picture there’s a horseshoes as clue
so change the picture into horse to get a crowbar

back to the left and use the gear on right box to get key
go to left where you can see a bird cage
use cloth to get the glass on left
open the chain lock with key then add the glass
use saw to open the birdcage
get some buttons and book

back to right
use crowbar to move the left cabinet
place all the buttons the read the book to change the symbols into correct one
from top :
rectangle – 2 diamonds – cup – cut rectangle – triangle – diamond
the door will open and you can escape
continue to can you escape tower stage 14


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