Can You Escape Tower Level 18 Walkthrough

Cheats for Can You Escape Tower Level 18 Walkthrough to help you solve the puzzle on each tower room and find the key out from the room to escape cheat
Can You Escape – Tower by Mobigrow / Tedven LLC / Mobest Media on on iphone / android device


can you escape tower niveau 18 solution
get the axe on left and use it to cut the tree on middle, also get some rocks
go inside the right cave and tap the correct floor tiles to go forward
change the symbol on floor like the circles on wall :
1st shape : mirrored 7
2nd shape : /
3rd shape : –
4th shape : L
5th shape : /
get the circle and combine it with the sticks for shields
go out and move inside the left cave, put the rocks on the spikes and move forward
place the shield on the hammer and get out
use the stone to break the middle stones

can you escape tower nivel 18 video cheats guide :


The creators of “Can You Escape” bring you the epic journey through the ancient tower

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