Can You Steal It Level 11 12 Walkthrough

Solutions for Can You Steal It Level 11 12 Walkthrough – Your help how to steal the hidden items in the rooms by solving the puzzle, and find items in the unknown corners for each stage to escape the room.
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can you steal it niveau 11 12 cheat :

can you steal it level 11 walkthrough
remember the color on the poster body : purple – blue – yellow
tap the right cabinet and enter the color to get a knife
tap the letters poster on right wall and remember the 5 “arrow direction” with blue circle
tap the right cabinet and tap the arrow in these order :
right – up – left – right – down
obtain the flashlight, tap the top jars above the cabinet for hook
press the body weight counter on floor to move it, use the knife to move the hatch
now use the flashlight on it and use hook to get the tool
tap the top cabinet and use the tool on the safe to get the bottle

can you steal it level 12 walkthrough
tap the planet poster on right and remember the color order
press the planet model and tap on these order :
yellow – red – purple – blue – grey- brown
get the tweezers and open the box for magnifying glass
tap the dinosaur foot on left and use the tweezers to get the coin, then use magnifying glass to see the year numbers : 1673
press the right hand sign and enter the number on computer for 4 jars height
click bottom part of the left hand sign and change the bar height like the jars height
get the tool and use it to cut the glass on right for hole thenget the diamond

can you steal it nivel 11 12 video guide :


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