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Open Puzzle Box Walkthrough

Guide to solve Open Puzzle Box Walkthrough – an endless series of mysterious boxes await you ! If you open the mystery box, a new box will become accessible, open the locked box and then pass the level !
Open Puzzle Box By gameday Inc. Game rules are simple :
Use touch, drag, and dual-touch functions to solve puzzles of locked mysterious boxes.
Opening boxes may sound simple, but can get very tricky.
To triumph, you’ll have to think outside the box.

open puzzle box level 1 walkthrough
click the door handle

open puzzle box level 2 walkthrough
drag the handle to the right following the arrow clue

open puzzle box level 3 walkthrough
use 2 fingers to open the box door, slide both handle to the middle

open puzzle box level 4 walkthrough
rotate the door handle clockwise until it open

open puzzle box level 5 walkthrough
use 2 fingers to open the box :
1 finger slide and hold down the left handle
1 finger rotate the right handle clockwise

open puzzle box level 6 walkthrough
tap the hint button to see password : 2014
tap these numbers : 2 0 1 4 and tap the handle

open puzzle box level 7 walkthrough
move all 3 lock handle to the right following the pattern
1. up – right
2. up – right – down – right
3. down – right

open puzzle box level 8 walkthrough
swipe the box door to the left

open puzzle box level 9 walkthrough
read the numbers upside down
the password is 3103 tap enter and slide to the left

open puzzle box level 10 walkthrough
follow the arrows and numbers to open safe :
– right 5
– left 3
– right 7
– left 3

Open Puzzle Box level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 video cheats guide :

Open Puzzle Box is a new puzzle game that you’ve never experienced before has been released. It’s very simple game, so everyone can immediately grasp. Solve puzzles of locked mysterious boxes!

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