Crazy Room Escape Walkthrough

Crazy Room Escape Walkthrough – You must find objects in each room that allow you to open the door and go to the next level
Crazy Room Escape app game by Halicon Mobile on android and iphone


crazy room escape level 1 walkthrough
tap the book to see the height of 5 block
here are the order 2 1 4 3 4
look on the block of right table drawer
change the height of each block to open and get handle

connect the handle to the left table drawer
get 2 batteries and put it to the left lamp
look at the bed for code : 1987 and look on right picture for code -25
1987-25 = 1962
tap the book box and enter the numbers to get wire
connect the wire on the right plug
tap the right lamp to see the blink hint
tap the door light bulb 5x go back and you will have the door open
proceed to stage 2

crazy room escape stage 1 video cheats guide :

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Are you a big fan of escape games? Do you have what it takes to break out of our prison? Accept the Crazy Room Escape challenge and attempt to break out of each of the five rooms. Search for hidden objects in each level and use them to solve the puzzles to unlock each room in your daring escape.

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