Crusader’s Escape Walkthrough

Crusader’s Escape Walkthrough – If you look at the room with 2 windows there’s a door in the center with circle, you need to create the key that fit with this circle in order to escape. So collect the material items and find a secret way under the bell to forge the key !
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crusader’s escape video cheat guide :

Crusader’s Escape Solution :
from left side, pick up these items :
wet clay on wall, rock on floor and the left plank
get 2 items from right side : organ pipe and music sheet

go to the right and get a mallet behind the left cascet, also the jar on right side

move to the right room, tap the table to grab a quill and some ink
under the table get the chisel
on the right side pick up bucket and empty scroll

move to the right room and pick up torch on left, then open the right chest to get iron bars inside

go to room with 3 cascet, use quill + empty scroll paper to each 3 cascet to write down the symbols

go to the right and use the clay to the tray on table, then add the scrolls to the clay
now use the chisel to take out the mould
combine the rocks + pipe together and use it on the right window

move to right and look at the music sheet, read at the music tune “dots”
these are the order to tap on the bell
select the mallet and tap on these bell side :
bottom left – top left – top right -top left – top right – top left – top right
go under the bell to the hole

use the torch to light up the fire, use the plank on floor to move forward
use the oil jar on the circle floor and add a lit torch to light a fire
put the iron bars + key mould on the center
then get the rope on the post

combine the rope + bucket and move back, use the combined item to get a water then pour it to the post
now you will get a key


go out upstairs and move left, use the key to the door and open your way out

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