Dismantlement SUSHI Walkthrough

Solution how to solve puzzle of Dismantlement SUSHI Walkthrough it’s like escape game, but you only need to dismantling the sushi by solving mystery on each item on the table.
解体 お寿司編 By Gam.eBB for iphone, ipad, ipad, android


use of tilt and tap operation to solve the puzzle so you can “dismantle” the sushi.

dismantlement sushi cheats :
tap the center of dish and open the lid, enter the letters like the white circle position :
left = G
bottom = E
right = C

lets start from the left to the right
look at the egg sushi and flip it to see the puzzle : star flower heart
open the teapot to reveal some numbers and shape, now enter the number 857 on the sushi and remove the screws

tap the squid sushi and look at the circle with lines for 3 letters
locate the top left bowl and tilt your phone to move the green ball to find the same pattern for each line
here’s the answer :
2 lines = H
3 lines = I
+ lines = T


look at the shrimp sushi and there’s a smiley with 3 bars and letters
press on the chopsitck and flip it to reveal the yellow smiley with lines, you need to align the lines for 3 shape of letters
the answer is O Q U

tap on the tuna sushi for 3 V and letters
look at the soup and open the lid to see some pattern, just wait until you see 3 letters combined that rotated : E F L
change the letter and remove the screw

look at the salmon, there’s a code of 3 letters and hint for 3×3 dots for each letters
tap the soy sauce dish on bottom right, you will find 3×3 dots
now tap the correct position for each dots and reveal the letters shape :
1 top right = S
2 bottom left = M
3 top left = L
enter these letters on the salmon to unscrew it and dismantle

tap the bowl and open the hatch, look at the bomb and open the danger box
as the countdown start, you need to focus on the green number on timer to get the digit for each numbers
the answer is 8 – 5 – 3
press stop button, remove the square and unscrew it


dismantlement sushi app game answers video guide :

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