Doggie Let Me Out Level 11 12 Walkthrough

Solutions for Doggie Let Me Out Level 11 12 Walkthrough – Your help how to escape from the rooms by finding some toy or food for the dog and keep doggie away from the door, these items cab be found by solving the puzzle on each room stage.
Doggie Let Me Out By Hi Studio Limited / CamMax on iphone and android device


doggie let me out niveau 11 12 cheat :

doggie let me out level 11 walkthrough
open the toolbox and get the screwdriver, use it to open the left hatch and get the key
use the key to open the right drawer to get a tool
open the middle drawer to get a cable, use it on the ipad to charge and enter 9 for the math answer to get a fruit code
apple – grape – pear – tomato
enter these code to open bottom door and pick up the air pump
look at the fruit on top right picture and count the numbers : 3 2 7
enter these numbers to open bottom door, get the flat ball and combine it with the air pump
give it to the dog

doggie let me out level 12 walkthrough
open the bottom left door and remember the fruit order :
red apple – pear
orange – green apple
tap the middle drawer and enter the fruit code then get the picture puzzle
place the picture on the kitchen table to complete the puzzle for up arrow
look at the wall and get the key, use it to open the left drawer
get a paper with hole, use it on the right picture frame on wall for letters code : BDFHM
tap the right shelf and get a magnifying glass
tap the right kitchen table and use magnifying glass to see the numbers : 5879
enter the numbers on top door and input the letters to open the safe, get a dog food
tap the milk bottle on left and get the key to open bottom drawer for scissors
combine the scissors with dog food and place it on the food bowl


doggie let me out nivel 11 12 video guide :

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