Doomsday Escape Level 13 Walkthrough

Answer for Doomsday Escape Level 13 Walkthrough – I believe we’re very close! Is there any chance that you’re good at computers? Find other survivors by solving the puzzle trap on each 15 stage and escape through every door !
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Doomsday Escape Level 13 Cheats
get a paper on left floor
get a cutter on left table and the cutter blade on right table
combine both items together

take the key on middle shelf and use it to open right table drawer for blue folder
tap left book shelf and use the cutter to cut on the cloth for numbers : 2 3 4 1
place the folder on shelf and order the numbers for color clue :
orange green purple blue red
get the cable

look at left wall for the color position with the correct order then match it with the numbers on paper on right table
tap the safe on left bookshelf and press : 81253
obtain a USB inside

tap middle table
place the paper on printer then connect the cable and USB on laptop
you will get code on paper : 4826
tap right table drawer and enter the code for handle
connect the handle on the left floor
open the hatch and escape to stage 14


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