Dooors 4 Level 36 37 38 39 40 Walkthrough

Solution for Dooors 4 Level 36 37 38 39 40 Walkthrough to escape all 5 door rooms on these stage and solve the puzzle logic on 5 stages using items that you can find on each floor, multi-touch or shake your phone device.
DOOORS4 – room escape game by 58 WORKS on iphone / android device


dooors 4 level 36 walkthrough
tap any button, then follow the ball color to tap the correct button color
do it 6 times then you can open door 36

dooors 4 level 37 walkthrough
tilt your phone upside down
you must match the clock angle like to the button, there’s 1 impossible clock time so just skip it
make the button point to :
right – down left – left – up

dooors 4 level 38 walkthrough
get a stick behind the bookshelf
tap the xylophone on the table
use the number of books and bookshelf size to tap the xylophone using stick :
3rd – 5th – 2nd – 6th – 4th – 1st


dooors 4 level 39 walkthrough
use the cone to cover the man head
open the door and use the lighter to burn all the rope

dooors 4 level 40 walkthrough
get the black ball on left floor
use the fork stick on the right ceiling and drag it up
get the blue ball then tilt your phone to the left
get the yellow ball
get the green and purple ball into the inventory
pull down the stick and use the hint to place the ball into the correct spot :
blue – purple – green – black – yellow


doors 4 video cheats guide nivel 36 37 38 39 40 :

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