Dooors Zero Level 26 27 28 29 30 Walkthrough

Answer for Dooors Zero Level 26 27 28 29 30 Walkthrough Cheats, Solutions – New version of DOOORS with a 360 degree scrollview ! solve the hidden mysteries in the room to open the door, can you break out of the rooms on each stage ?
DOOORS Z – room escape game by 58 WORKS on iphone / android device


Dooors Zero Level 26 Walkthrough
use torch to burn the woods on right side to see clue R + B
now look at the dots on wall with Red + Blue color only
you will have these numbers : 5 0 1 4
tilt your phone upside down and change the dots into the correct one

Dooors Zero Level 27 Walkthrough
use net to get the man
back to the door and use the net on the floor, the man will used as bridge to reach the door
tap the door open

Dooors Zero Level 28 Walkthrough
use hammer to break the chair, tap the switch
memorize the clue on right wall, you need to connect them to get card symbols color (diamond, heart, spade, club)
tap the switch back and change the buttons into :
red red black
black red red

Dooors Zero Level 29 Walkthrough
look on left wall and memorize the direction :
up left – down right – down left – up right – up right – down right
move to middle board now press the correct direction to release the board
count how many circle on each face :
3 1 5 4
go to the left and change the dots

Dooors Zero Level 30 Walkthrough
count how many lines above door :
3 1 2 4
these are the order to pull down the correct string and remove the water
now read the maze pattern on wall for numbers :
right = 5 3
left = 2 6


dooors z stage 26 27 28 29 30 solutions :

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