Doors and Rooms 2 Chapter 1 Stage 2 Walkthrough

Doors and Rooms 2 Chapter 1 Stage 2 Walkthrough guide how to solve the quiz number answer and find the bonus star on D&R 2 Level 2
Doors&Rooms 2 by gameday Inc.


doors & rooms 2 level 1-2 :

doors and rooms 2 1-2 solutions :
the key is behind the painting so we need to move it with something
tap the bookshelf right side to open it and get a remote device, you need to find a battery to make it work
look for the battery on table
look inside inventory and tap both remote and battery, now combine them together

use the remote controller to tap the arrow picture on the wall
get the key and unlock the door open

doors & rooms 2 chapter 1 level 2 bonus star
to find the star on this stage you can find it on the right painting next to the arrow


doors & rooms 2 chapter 1 stage 2 quiz
for the quiz answer you must look for the numbers on star which is 537

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