Doors and Rooms 2 Chapter 2 Stage 11 Walkthrough

Doors and Rooms 2 Chapter 2 Stage 11 Walkthrough Cheat how to solve the quiz number answer and find the bonus star on D&R 2 Level 11
Doors&Rooms 2 by gameday Inc.


doors & rooms 2 level 2-11 :

doors and rooms 2 2-11 solutions :
get the coin on floor and open the right cabinet drawer to get a password circuit board
tap the clock above the door and use the coin to open all 4 screws, remove the cover then put the circuit board on the right slot
there’s a red letters from the numbers : ESCAPE

tap the left table and get the CD, there’s a song tracklist on the cd cover
go to the CD player and press eject button to place the CD inside
look at the track + numbers, move forward or backward to change
these are the code from the phone, so use the numbers to read the letters from phone
LOVE IS (568347)
FRIDAY (3743290)
MEMORY (636679)
FOR YOU (367968)
THE MAN (843626)
IMPACT (467228)

to easily read them you can use :
ABC : 2
DEF : 3
GHI : 4
JKL : 5
MNO : 6
PQRS : 7
TUV : 8
WXYZ : 9

now translate ESCAPE and you will get 372273
tap the keypad on the wall next to the door and enter the code to open door

doors & rooms 2 chapter 2 stage 11 quiz
use the grey line to the ESCAPE and only read the GREY line combination, you will get these number :


doors & rooms 2 chapter 2 level 11 bonus star
look at the CD player there’s a star audio, use the coin to unscrew it
there’s a star behind it

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