Doors and Rooms 2 Chapter 2 Stage 17 Walkthrough

Doors and Rooms 2 Chapter 2 Stage 17 Walkthrough Cheat how to solve the quiz number answer and find the bonus star on D&R 2 Level 17
Doors&Rooms 2 by gameday Inc.


doors & rooms 2 level 2-17 :

doors and rooms 2 2-17 solutions :
tap the table and open the drawer for key
use the key to open the right door
get the escape bible book on table and dismantle it
use the knife to cut the the bed under pillow open for a powder dust
go out and tap the right panel box
use the powder to reveal the finger prints
tap all the numbers with fingerprints and unlock it for anotherkey
use the key to open the left door
get the shoe
combine shoe + knife and dismantle the shoe for a machine

go out and tap the door, cut 2 bottom wires using knife
connect the machine to the wires
now you need to find out which number that have 2 green light
these are the correct order, you need to try them one by one
enter the correct number and you will unlock the door open
the answer is 6 4 9 2 7

doors & rooms 2 chapter 2 stage 17 quiz
HOLD STEP = letter order
find the letter position for each letters on the right door wall
find the number position using powder on the left door wall, remember the number order and use it to get the letters order on the right room
the answer is 94573621


doors & rooms 2 chapter 2 level 17 bonus star
get the 1st wood part under the table and the 2nd part on the right room – left side
combine both wood part together for the star

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