Doors and Rooms 2 Chapter 3 Stage 3 Walkthrough

Doors and Rooms 2 Chapter 3 Stage 3 Walkthrough Cheat how to solve the quiz number answer and find the bonus star on D&R 3 Level 3
Doors&Rooms 2 by gameday Inc.


doors & rooms 2 level 3-3 :

doors and rooms 2 3-3 solutions :
get the jar on floor and use it on water pooling on the incense burner shelf
get a lever handle and remember the number on the wood
match it with the letters on wall to get the correct one

get the wooden pole and twigs on floor
combine both items into broomstick
use it to clean the sand on floor, enter the correct letter on the stone
connect the lever and get the knife bird head

use the knife to cut both chains
get the dragon head knife from the broken statue

put both sword on the hole
tap the puzzle on wall and remember the pattern
follow the pattern light and tap them in correct order 3x
press the stone door and escape

doors & rooms 2 chapter 3 stage 3 quiz
letters – 1234 = ?
just match the letters and you will get the answer = 8593
enter 7359


doors & rooms 2 chapter 3 level 3 bonus star
after the statue broken, tap the piece of yellow bonus star near the left box

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