Doors and Rooms 3 Chapter 1 Stage 2 Walkthrough

Doors and Rooms 3 Chapter 1 Stage 2 Walkthrough – D&R3 game cheats where you use items to solve the puzzle & riddle to escape a room and find secret item.
Doors&Rooms 3 by gameday Inc. on android and ios iphone / ipad


doors and rooms 3 level 1-2 solution :
open left closet to get a helmet
move the paper on table to get a sim card
open left cabinet drawer for phone without sim card
combine both item together and use it on the computer
connect the puzzle image on monitor
tap the right button to open door and memorize the code by reading it upside down : 7739

go to inside the room and tap on the box on right corner to enter code
obtain a sim card
pick up crowbar on right
open right closet to get a brick

use crowbar to open left floor hatch
look into the hatch using helmet then use the brick to the water
pick up a key and use it to open the box on middle right
stop all the needle on the blue area

dismantle the phone and connect the phone + new sim card
use the phone on the tube to get key
now use red key to open the right door


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