Doors and Rooms 3 Chapter 1 Stage 5 Walkthrough

Doors and Rooms 3 Chapter 1 Stage 5 Walkthrough – D&R3 game cheats where you use items to solve the puzzle & riddle to escape a room and find secret item.
Doors&Rooms 3 by gameday Inc. on android and ios iphone / ipad


doors and rooms 3 level 1-5 solution :
get a knife on table
go to right room
get umbrella on middle and use it to reach the ceiling
solve the puzzle arrow using this answer :
06 01 02 05
07 08 14 15
11 10 03 04
12 09 13 16
get the blue diamond

use knife to open left floor plank
go to left room
use knife to cut the purple curtain and place the diamond on the statue’s eye
get the diamond back

move up using right stairs
take glasses and lighter from the broken glass
pick up pen from table
combine pen + diamond and use it on the mirror to get a secret item
dismantle the pen

go down and right room
get the gum on table
combine gum + lighter and use it on right wall
now use pen to turn on the lighter
get key from the hole and back to left room

use the glasses to see clue on table :
5 9 2
1 7 4
3 8 6
openright panel with the key and tap on the correct number order
get key and move to right room
use key to open door and escape to level 6


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