Doors and Rooms 3 Chapter 2 Stage 6 Walkthrough

Doors and Rooms 3 Chapter 2 Stage 6 Walkthrough – D&R3 game cheats where you use items to solve the puzzle & riddle to escape a room and find secret item.
Doors&Rooms 3 by gameday Inc. on android and ios iphone / ipad


doors and rooms 3 level 2-6 solution :
get a magnifying glass from right cardboard and use it to the paper on table
you will find this clue :
use this as code to open the box on middle by pressing “o” on each row then enter
get a cog part and combine it with the 2nd one on table
use the cog on right wall to connect the gears then rotate the wheel so the door open

open the locker to get a sack and dismantle it for screwdriver handle
go to next room
open the toolbox on middle to get a wire cutter and get a duct tape on cabinet

back to left room
use wire cutter on left box for screwdriver tip
combine the screwdriver part to complete it
move to right room
open right panel with screwdriver, fix right wire with duct tape and connect the wire numbers :
3 2 1 4
get the usb on middle wall

back to left room and insert to usb to left device
use 10 move to connect the pipe

cut the fence door on bottom floor using wire cutter
go inside and get a racquet on floor
open left cabinet and get empty bottle
move out and go to right room

use racquet on top left spider webs then use it to get the fireflies
combine fireflies + bottle
back to the bottom room on left
tap right table and place the bottle on table
you need to tap all 4 buttons and watch out for the saw
take the key and use it to unlock the door open then escape to d&r 3 level 10

secret item to unlock doors & rooms 3 stage 9
after you connect the pipe, you will see a ‘success’ with code 25314
these are the order to tap on the locker hook from 5 to 1
you will get a battery to open doors & rooms stage 9 from stage 5

secret room to unlock doors & rooms 3 stage 10
after you get a hammer diamond secret item from doors & rooms stage 9
you can use it to break the glass door on bottom room and open doors & room stage 10


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