Doors and Rooms 3 Chapter 2 Stage 8 Walkthrough

Doors and Rooms 3 Chapter 2 Stage 8 Walkthrough – D&R3 game cheats where you use items to solve the puzzle & riddle to escape a room and find secret item.
Doors&Rooms 3 by gameday Inc. on android and ios iphone / ipad


to open stage 8 you must find secret item on doors & rooms 3 stage 3 and use it to unlock secret room on doors & rooms 3 stage 4

doors and rooms 3 level 2-8 solution :
get pliers on left and gun on floor
open the left drawer to get the ammo
combine gun + ammo and use it to kill the robot on middle for key
use key to open the house on middle for screwdriver
use screwdriver to open left knight hatch
use pliers to cut the wire
open right box for vaccuum

go to left room and use vaccuum to get coin from right floor
use coin on left machine slot and get the handle
connect the handle to the middle and rotate it
now tap on these crocodile teeth like the clue on TV :
4 1 6 2 3 5
get the diamond and connect it to the bear doll crown
enter the code for each symbols : 4 7 3 2
get the stick and dismantle it for ball
place the ball on right blue robot head for card

back to the next room
use card on right panel and enter the stick then tap it to open door
escape to d&r 3 level 9


step by step doors & rooms 3 chapter 2 stage 8 video guide

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