Doors and Rooms Zero Toy Stage 404 Walkthrough

Doors and Rooms Zero Toy Stage 404 Walkthrough – Find items and use, combine or dismantle it to solve the puzzle on this room so you can get code and key to escape the room !
прохождение Doors&Rooms Zero by gameday Inc.


doors & rooms zero toy room 404 walkthrough
get the lego on left barrel and dismantle it into 2 piece
place the head on the left stair

pick up lever on left shelf
open the closet and get a blue lego brick
insert the lever to the cactus pot and rotate it to get the cactus key
use the key to open top bar then tap the red lego brick to the slider
pick it up on the bottom

get the yellow lego brick on right wall and use it on the floor
dismantle the yellow + green lego brick
use blue lego brick to the left wall behind the pirate flag
dismantle blue + purple lego brick

now place all lego bricks with numbers on the stairs
you will get these numbers from top to bottom : 4875

enter the code into door and tap the teeth to open door
move to doors & rooms room 405


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