Elevator Escape Walkthrough

Guide for Elevator Escape Walkthrough – level 1 : basement on floor -2 where you need to solve the puzzle on each hotel room and find hidden lift button to move on for next floor ! there are 6 parts of stage to complete in order to escape from elevator room.
прохождение Elevator Escape by Amphibius Developers on android device


Can you escape and get out the mysterious hotel?! Elevator Escape brings you to the mysterious hotel with a lot of great puzzles and popular mini-games.
Collect and combine items, solve puzzles and think outside the box to escape the rooms and advance to next stages!

All part of elevator escape solutions :
elevator escape level 2 walkthrough
elevator escape level 3 walkthrough
elevator escape level 4 walkthrough
elevator escape level 5 walkthrough
elevator escape level 6 walkthrough


step by step elevator escape level 1 basement video guide

Elevator Escape Cheats :
pick up a brass knuckle on the stair and use it to break left glass for ax and key
use key to open the box on middle for brush
use the ax to open left fireplace door
clean the fireplace door to see code : 3302
tap right box on table and enter the numbers
take a screwdriver inside

get a ladder on right side and knife on right floor
place the ladder under the left vent
tap the vent and open it using screwdriver
use knife to cut the wire and get the spray can
use it to kil the bees on top right corner
get the pliers and use it to open the scarecrow dress
take the forceps and tag

tap the HNO3 jar on right shelf
insert the tag to see code 3394


use forceps to get drill tip on the fireplace
tap the box on right floor and enter the numbers
combine the drill tip and pick up the drill
use it to drill the barrel on right corner
get the lift button for the next stage

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