Escape 50 Doors Level 16 17 18 19 20 Walkthrough

Escape from circus theme room answers : Escape 50 Doors Level 16 17 18 19 20 Walkthrough how to solve & pass the puzzle room and beat each niveau of the circus puzzle logic.
Escape The Most Interesting 50 Doors – Can you Escape In One Hour? By GD STUDIO / QING WANG / Wild Studio


escape 50 doors stage 16 walkthrough
get the fishing rod and meat, put the fishing rod to the fish and add the meat
get the lever from fish and place it on the right to connect
tap the lever button to open the door tent

escape 50 doors stage 17 walkthrough
pick up the umbrella and banana. Put the banana on X and give the umbrella to monkey so it open
use the umbrella color as gude to flip the triangle flags into these color :
blue, pink, blue, pink, orange

escape 50 doors stage 18 walkthrough
get the matches and use it on the rocket to shoot on the blimp
once the blimp destroy you can get the key and use it to open the curtain door

escape 50 doors stage 19 walkthrough
tap the paper there’s a direction and letters, you’re on room A right now and you can tap the left or right side to change the room
follow the paper clue to change the lever on
Sector A = up
Sector B = down
Sector C = up
Sector D = down

escape 50 doors stage 20 walkthrough
get the icecream scooper to grab icecream and get a cone to place it on the rings
place an orange icecream then add green icecream on the top cone


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