Escape 50 Doors Level 46 47 48 49 50 Walkthrough

Escape from circus theme room answers : Escape 50 Doors Level 46 47 48 49 50 Walkthrough how to solve & pass the puzzle room and beat each niveau of the circus puzzle logic.
Escape The Most Interesting 50 Doors – Can you Escape In One Hour? By GD STUDIO / QING WANG / Wild Studio


escape 50 doors stage 46 walkthrough
Z is the hint, create Z shape from the lines by changing the line direction on :
Top left = right
Top right = down left
Bottom left = up right
Bottom right = left
tap the red button, then tap the circle in these order :
Top left, Top right, Bottom left, Bottom right.
click the red button

escape 50 doors stage 47 walkthrough
tap the helium tank and use it to the rhino, repeat the steps until the rhino fly up
tap the red button

escape 50 doors stage 48 walkthrough
get 3 keys and insert it to the correct keyhole
you can tap the keyhole to change the shape

escape 50 doors stage 49 walkthrough
move the red – yellow – green block from right to the left stick
you need to stack them in the correct order : red – yellow – green

escape 50 doors stage 50 walkthrough
tap the clowns to reveal the music tunes, now follow the music tune on board to arrange the clown


Escape 50 Doors In One Hour nivel 46 47 48 49 50 cheats video help guide :

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