Escape a Spanish Hotel Walkthrough

Guide for Escape a Spanish Hotel Walkthrough – Your trip to Spain starts in Barcelona, a city of art. Gaudi, Picasso, Miro, Dali… After viewing some of the city’s rich artistic heritage, you head back to your hotel. You plan to continue your sightseeing after eating luch. Which meal will you choose, an authentic paella or the lberico ham? let’s choose lunch and escape!
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step by step Escape a Spanish Hotel walkthrough video solution :

Escape a Spanish Hotel Cheats :
look under the pillow to get a can opener
find 3 potato chips and use can opener to reveal the numbers :
7 – 700 – 70
look at the green suitcase
to open it you need to fill the numbers from the potato can
the answer is 700 + 70 – 7 = 763
obtain a dress inside

go to the other side
tap the left wall and memorize the order of the pattern
apply the order position to the circle wall on right
go to the left and place the dress on left hanger then tap it
get the olive oil bottle and tap the device on left
tap the yellow square in order like the pattern clue
the answers :
3 2 9
4 1 8
5 6 7
obtain a candy key

go to the left
open the yellow door on right with candy key
pick up door handle
back to the other side and connect door handles to the right blue door
open it and go inside
take 2nd olive oil on the washbasin
go to the bathtub and look on the right wall
connect the numbers in correct color shape
red = 2
green = 3
blue = 5
yellow = 8

back to the living room and tap on the blue box on sofa
enter 2358 and get a pink shoes
go to the other side and place the shoes on the left rack
take the blue key and use it to open fridge on right
take the 3rd olive oil and water bottle
look at label on yellow door and match the olive oil labels
count how many each of them

go to the right and look on the red shelf
place the yellow label on 5, white label on 3, green label on 1
take the windmill fan

go to the bathroom and open water bottle with can opener
pour the water on right blue dish to reveal color
bottom right = up
bottom left = down
top left = left
top right = right

go to the toilet and look on right wall
circle – pentagon
square – triangle

go back and look on left wall
connect the windmill’s fan on the missing spot and solve the puzzle
1st puzzle, change the yellow color direction into :
left – right
down – up
obtain a clipper button

2nd puzzle, change the yellow color direction into :
down left – up left
down right – up right
get a yellow paper

go to the bathroom and look at the frog near bathtub
place the clipper button and you need to spell on PICASSO
look for the clue on shoes rack for each letter position
the answers :
left – right – left 2x – right 3x
get the fan and tap to open it

back to the bedroom
place the yellow paper on blue board and fan on yellow board
you will find some numbers on it
take the phone card on middle and use it on right phone
dial * 70 # 86 or 0 # 14 **
get the QR code

go to the bathroom and use qr code on right wall
back to the front door and open the box for key
use key to open the door and escape !


The hotel concierge recommended a casual place to try the lberico ham. You notice a sandwiches to go shop on the first floor, but decide on the sit down restaurant on the second floor. There you enjoy the renowned ham, “Jamon lberico”.

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