Escape a Tea Salon Walkthrough

Guide for Escape a Tea Salon Walkthrough – Find 5 tea tins all over the room, you need to solve puzzle code numbers and unlock doors to open for new room ! after you get all 5 tea tins then you’ll get a key to escape the house !
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脱出ゲーム ティーサロンからの脱出 step by step Escape a Spanish Hotel walkthrough video solution :

Escape a Tea Salon Cheats :
look at the food table and memorize the blue – red – yellow table mat position
go to right cabinet and enter the color :
B x – R R – x Y
x B – x x – Y Y
get the tea party invitation card and 1st earl gray tea can

move to the other side and look on the sofa cushion for hourglass
tap the table card and memorize the blank spot position
go to the door and insert the tea party card to the door and tap it
you’ll hear a lock drop, open the door and pick up the lock

look at the locker and open the top right door to get 2nd Darjeeling’s Black Tea Can
look at the right picture of plant leaf
memorize the leaf position from bottom to top :
left – right – left – right 2x – left

go to the door and look at the blue panel on left
place the hourglass and tap the leaf like the clue to unlock the door
move inside the bathroom

open left box to get a blue key
open left door and place the tea party card to the sink, then pick it up again
open right door then place the tea party card to the sink, you’ll find numbers : 6372
back to the locker and use key to open middle door
get a blue box

back to the living room and move to the left
look at left cabinet and place the lock
enter 6372 then press ok to open it, take new key

move to the other side and open the door with the new key
go inside the kitchen
look at the cabinet shelf on left, you need to look at 3 cup with the blank spot hint from the table on living room
go to panel on right wall and enter :
lion – china – india flag to get a scissors

use the scissors to cut the blue box and get a card key
take a look at the food on sink
cucumber = 5
tomato = 2
eggs = 3

use card key to open left door and go inside
look at left table and open the lid for cake
tap right cabinet and enter the items number like hint : 5 – 2 – 3
take the 3rd Kiemon’s tea can

take the kettle on desk and look at the pic for word : TEATIME
back to the kitchen and look at the right refrigerator
enter TEATIME to open and get a cream inside also 4th Assam tea can

go to the sink and pour water to kettle
place it to the stove and turn it on to boil water on the kettle
take it back and use kettle on teapot, get the teapot

look at the tray on left
use teapot on cup, place the cake and cream on the tray
back to 1st room and place the tray in front of the frog to get the last Uva tea can
now you’ll have the door key
go to the locker and open left door with the key to escape from the house


FUNKYLAND – The Tea Salon ! Let’s escape by collecting five tea cans hidden in the room by solving the mystery by looking for items in a nice salon. Items can be magnified and examined or used in combination.

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