Escape Abduction Walkthrough

Solution for Escape Abduction Walkthrough to solve puzzle code and password using hints + items on every room so you can escape easily – Get entangled in mystery and uncover this town’s deep, dark secret. Compelling digitally painted rooms to explore. Use your instincts to solve puzzles and obstacles. Obscure clues to challenge your problem-solving skills.
прохождение Escape Abduction by Red Tower Game Studio on android and iphone


video guide of escape abduction walkthrough stage cheats :

Escape Abduction Solutions
pick up broken tool on floor, also get nails and wrench
use wrench on right pipe to find a key
open right panel with key to get hammer
combine nails + hammer + broken stool together to fix the stool
place stool in front of door to get a key
look on left wall, there’s an odd number sequence
use key to open left panel and enter :
5 5 2 6
open the door and enter

pick up :
2 pipes on left
circuit breaker on right floor
rubber hose on right wall

connect circuit breaker on left wall
open left drawer to get a stanley knife and tape
combine pipe + tape to get a reaching rod
combine knife + hose to get a generator hose
use the hose on the generator
reach petrol on top right with rod
fix generator by adding petrol

look at the note with shape color on right
tap left button to open the left and enter
change the wire color into :
black – blue – red – green
go to storage room

move the box on floor to find a magnet
use the clue on wall to solve the lever puzzle on cabinet :
o x x o o
x o o x o
o o o o x
get a string inside

combine magnet + string and use it to reach key on right
use key to open the bars

go inside the room to find a part of wire cutter
tap on left table and pick up paperclip and screws
go out and use paperclip to open left panel

use the calendar clue on downstais for the code :
2 10 12
tap the button to unlock and obtain uv bulb + flash drive

use light bulb on table lamp for code on paper :
x x o o
x o x x
o x o x
use this code to open right lock

get another part of wire cutter
now combine 2 parts of wire cutter + screws
use wire cutter to cut the wires for ladder

connect the flash drive on left computer
find all lettes + numbers on wall and combine it for the password
6 8 2 M B 9
you will find some symbols :
hot cofee – noodle bowl – smiley – egg – ferris wheel

go back outside and place ladder next to left panel
climb up and solve the code by pressing :
o x o x x
now you can escape ?!?


Red Tower Game Studio finally released its first mobile game! Escape Abduction is an escape room puzzle game with intuitive gameplay. Each room was carefully designed to show only logical scenarios. Every object and actions were thoroughly considered to make the game and story flow smoothly.

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