Escape Adventure Level 4 Walkthrough

Solutions for Escape Adventure Level 4 Walkthrough to help you find your way out from japanese theme room by solving puzzle piece and code numbers / letters on each stage to get key and open door for next nivel !
прохождение Escape Adventure by Goblin LLC on iphone and android


Escape Adventure Level 4 Cheats
get plank and cloth from left bathtub
get another plank from right bathtub
use both plank to make a bridge for lake and cross it to the other side
get a spoon on left and knife on right
go back to the other side

combine knife with cloth to get 2 rope
combine the ropes and connect it to the right bucket
use spoon on the lake then put the water to the bucket, repeat this step 1 more time so the hatch open
get key and use it to open door


video guide for escape adventure niveau 4 solution

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