Escape Adventure Level 7 Walkthrough

Hint for Escape Adventure Level 7 Walkthrough to help you find your way out from japanese theme room by solving puzzle piece and code numbers / letters on each stage to get key and open door for next nivel !
прохождение Escape Adventure by Goblin LLC on iphone and android


Escape Adventure Level 7 Cheats
get spoon, chopstick and cloth on table
use the chopstick to get a sushi from right barrel
put the sushi on the left sushi table
use the color combination from the sushi color to get the correct order :
purple – orange
blue – red
yellow – green
get a knife from the fish table and use cloth on the bowl

look at right painting and use the cloth on it to see clue
use spoon to dig up soil on middle and get a wooden box
combine wood + knife
enter 1 2 4 8 to open it and get the key to escape


video guide for escape adventure niveau 7 solution

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