Escape Adventure Level 9 Walkthrough

Answers for Escape Adventure Level 9 Walkthrough to help you find your way out from japanese theme room by solving puzzle piece and code numbers / letters on each stage to get key and open door for next nivel !
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Escape Adventure Level 9 Cheats
look at left table, get a tool and stone
pick up plank from right side and combine it with the tool
get the blower on left wall
use the stone to the pot on fireplace and use the blower
take the pot and place it to the mold on table, get the gun part

get a powder from right side next to the door
tap left painting and connect the puzzle picture
you will find 4 shape color clue and hatch open, get a gun part
place all 3 gun part on the right side to get a complete gun
now change the shape for each color like the clue :
square – up right – left – right

get the tweezer, use it to get a bullet on door
combine powder + bullet + gun and use it to shoot on the door open


video guide for escape adventure niveau 9 solution

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