Escape Agent Level 5 Walkthrough

Solution for Escape Agent Level 5 Walkthrough – Play as a secret agent to solve puzzle logic and code challenges in every stage to escape ! Find ampoule on each 15 room to unlock a secret room ! they open a hidden safe within the headquarters of the evil organization.
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escape agent niveau 5 solution :
move the newspaper on left floor to get key
use the key on right elevator panel, then press :
1 +8 = 9
9 -3 = 6
6 +2 = 8
8 -6 = 2
take left irons, bricks and left mirror
place the bricks on right floor and use the iron to open the top right ceiling

go up and use the mirror to reflect the light
tap the box, now if you look at the pattern of #6 on elevator panel you need to press these circle :
– o o o
– o o –
o o – –
obtain a screwdriver and use it to open the left air duct
escape to stage 6


escape agent nivel 5 video cheat guide :

Welcome to the world of intrigue and spies! In this new room escape game you are a secret agent with a duty to save the world from an evil secret organization. Get this amazing escape game right now and test yourself to see how good you are in solving puzzles and challenges in the field.
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