Escape Candy Rooms No 1 Carrot Casual Walkthrough

Guide for Escape Candy Rooms No 1 Carrot Casual Walkthrough where you must find 5 candy hidden on the room by solving the puzzle logic to get key for the door
脱出ゲーム Candy Rooms by Gakutetsu Takemura / FUNKYLAND


escape candy rooms level 1 solution :
tap the sofa chair on middle and look under the cushion to find your first candy
get the second candy on the left plant where you can see 3 leaf painting
look at the dart board on far right, get a dart and tap the left lamp where you can see a balloon on the ceiling
use the dart to the balloon and get the key on the floor
select the key and use it to open the shelf door for a magnifying glass inside
use the magnifying glass to the red painting on right wall and reveal 4 numbers : 5238
use these code number to open the orange box on the bottom shelf for your coin and don’t forget to obtain the 3rd candy on the orange box hole next to it
use the coin to the gumball machine and get the 4th candy
you can find the 5th candy on left small table where there are 6 slot with pose
tap the yellow block to the right to reveal the hints
now press the correct button of left and right to get the candy in the middle
after you complete all 5 candy, you will get the key and you can use it to open the door and escape

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