Escape Challenge Level 4 Walkthrough

putsisgames room escape game help : escape challenge level 4 walkthrough
we have 3 rooms : left – middle – right all with green and white colors


escape challenge level 4 solution :
middle room
tap the left plant to see a green rectangle
click the right shelf (3rd one) to see some vehicle, click on the green car to see a yellow rectangle
press the bottom plant and get a red pliers
put the first triangle on the box


go to the right room and find out the top numbers using the numbers below it
it’s a simple math : multiplication
multiply the bottom numbers to get the top one
so 12 x 14 = 168
get the usb
plug in the usb on the left plant (green square) and get a hook

go to left room and use the hook under the table to get a key, use pliers to cut the wire

back to middle room and click the plant on left
use the key to the left plant and get another triangle shape
click the right box and place the triangle to the missing spot
tap the glass to open and get a remote

go to left room
zoom in the ventilation on left and use the remote
get a door key


open the green door in the middle room and exit

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