Escape City Level 7 Walkthrough

Cheat for Escape City Level 7 Walkthrough – We know that they sell products on the city streets. Let’s see whatwe have here. Escape City Solutions to play as a rookie cop and stop the ruthless criminal gang on escape city by solving puzzle code on each stage ! Find all joker card on each room, if you collect every joker card you will have access to the secret room.
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Escape City Level 7 Cheats
get coin on left garbage can, then tap the left pipe to move the green ball to the right hole
move the garbage can to get pipe and paper with hole.

insert the coin to mailbox on middle then play the mini game to put the + tetris block to the middle
obtain a battery

tap the right generator power and insert the battery
the code is on window : 13
enter the button to see the “BLACK” light

tap the right chair and get the spray can then combine with pipe
put the paper on the wall then use spray paint to reveal letters : C AT

press these letters on right wall : B L A C K C A T
get a gun and use it to shoot on the door lock chain to open


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