Escape Death Room Walkthrough

G4K Death House Escape Guide for Escape Death Room Walkthrough how to solve the puzzle on each room and find 4 mask to open the main door then get the key to escape.
Escape Death Room – Hardest Escape By Kun Wang


Games4King Death House Escape Cheats

escape death room solutions :
get the wheel on right, open the panel on left and put the wheel to open the door, go inside
move to the right and tap the lever to see hint for plant later
open the bus hatch to get a key
go to the right and pick up a wheel handle
go inside the room and remember the left wall clue :
eye – smile
sun – 3 lines
get the box
get the orange box
tap the middle box and follow the line arrow to press the button start from top left
you will see a clue with red square

move out to the 1st room
change the 8 symbol like the clue to open the door
go inside the room and get an orange block
open bottom right drawer to get a paper clue with arrow sign
use the key to open the box and get another key
pick up the box on the middle cabinet

go to left and move the handle like the hint :
down – up – down – up – down – up – up – down
get 2 skull mask
move the red block on bottom right :
o o o x
o x o o
x o x o
get the 3rd skull

back to 1st room
move to the right room
use the orange block to open the panel
go inside the room and use the key to open the panel with keyhole
get the key and tap the orange box from inventory
use the key to open the box for access card
go back and insert the access card to the slot
get the box and open it for 4th skull mask

go out
use the wheel handle to open the panel
then press the red button into green, get the paper clue
move to left room then go to the right
press the circle color :
red – green – yellow 2x – red – yellow – green
get the tool and click it from inventory
now press these button : left – right – left – right 2x – left
go to the left and open the middle wood box
place the lamp inside, then remember the symbol

go out to 1st room and tap the 3 symbol on bottom right
change them into
female – circle – female
get the gift box

go into the right room then move to the left
open the green box for jar
pour the water from jar to these pot :
x 3 x
4 x 2
1 x 5
remember the graph color number :
red = 5
purple = 7
green = 3

move to the right 2x then go inside the room
tap the right panel and increase the height for each color like the clue
get a knife and use it to cut the gift box open

go out to 1st room then move to the left
go to right then place 4 skull on the door spot
use the key to open the exit door to get a great escape !


Some one has been trapped in The Death House , so you will need to collect the necessary objects to make him escape from House,if you have the right attitude then you will get him out. Good luck and have fun!

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