Escape Fever Level 7 Walkthrough

Solution for Escape Fever Level 7 Walkthrough – Find code numbers if you stuck on the logic for this stage and solve puzzle to get key for this door so you can escape the room !
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Escape Fever Stage 7 Cheats
get a ring on right shelf
take button under right plant

connect the button on left trash can
open and obtain a USB
connect usb to the laptop

find the track clue on the left city model
left – up – left – up – right – up – right
move the car like the direction to get clue 3triangle and 142

tap right picture and place the ring
match the number and symbol where it starts for 3 = triangle
1 = pi
4 = o
2 = y
enter these code on right blue door
take a black tube inside and open it for paper

tap the board on table and place the paper
do the math to get the code
tap left picture and enter the number :
6 4
4 9
get key and use it to open the door then proceed to escape fever stage 8


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