Escape From Work Level 2 Walkthrough

Help for Escape From Work Level 2 Walkthrough how to solve all 15 secret house with different room theme and escape from every room in building by finding items, and combine it ! solve puzzle and crack codes to escape the room and reach new stage !
Escape From Work by MobiGrow / Mobest Media / Tedven LLC / Goblin LLC on on iphone / android device


escape from work niveau 2 solution
get a stick from right side
take a spoon and milk bottle from right fridge
look on the right shelf, get a boxing glove and use the spoon on SPO jar for key
use key to open left locker, then pour the milk on the notes for hint : 762
use boxing gloves on the left doll for a clue _ _ _ 9 2
combine both numbers and use it to open the left door by moving the pointer to 76292
obtain hammer head inside and combine it with stick
use the hammer to break the lock on main door so it open and escape for stage 3


escape from work nivel 2 video cheats guide

Try out your skills for code-breaking, puzzle solving and logical thinking and see if you have what it takes to escape this special house. Remember that if you get stuck in any of the rooms you have found the perfect job for yourself. But if you manage to escape through all the levels your perfect matching job is a professional puzzle solver!
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