Escape Game Galleria Walkthrough

Step by step guide of Escape Game Galleria Walkthrough – Escape from the room with galleria theme ! Select an item and tap specific parts of the room to use the item. Tap on the objects in the room to look around, get items, and make actions to find the main key on the middle display of the green door.
Escape Game: Galleria By Goro Sato on iphone, ipad and android device


Escape Game Galleria video cheats guide :

Escape Game Galleria Solutions :
look at the room with 3 pictures
on each picture there are some numbers : 27 – 53 – 8
enter these numbers to open the blue door and go inside

look at numbers under the pillow :
yellow = 8
pink = 3
blue = 5

get a red rope behind the sofa with yellow + pink pillow and a battery under the blue pillow
open the chest on table using code : 538, get a green keycard
tap the right side of blue pillow sofa for arrow clue :
up left down right left right down up
go out and use the keycard to open the green door

get a clamp from table then go to right
tap the arrow button from the right display like the clue to get a flashlight
combine the battery with flashlight and use it to see the right SCAP painting clue on blue room
enter ESCAPE on left display to get a blue handle

get 2 iron ring on the hidden hatch left to the blue door and combine it with the rope
back to SCAP painting and connect the rope to the stand iron
get a red handle

look at the left statue and get the earring
look at the right statue and get the ring
separate the ring + earring into 2 parts and get the crescent + star

back to SCAP painting and look at the stand on left + right
connect star to Stella and crescent to Luna

go out and look at the right side with black door
connect the blue handle to left and red to right spot
now change the handle direction :
blue = right
red = left
look at the statue inside the green door
get a handle and combine it with clamp
tap red button to see clue of
crescent = 1 = Luna
star = 5 = Stella
tree = 3 = Bratus
bird = 9 = Avis


go to display box with SLAB clue and enter 5193
use flashlight to see the display box and use clamp to get the key
move to black door and open the door with the key

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