Escape Game Locker Room Walkthrough

Escape Game Locker Room Walkthrough – guide how to escape the football locker room by solving the puzzle number and find items to get the key from the cooler box near the door
脱出ゲーム -ロッカールームからの脱出− LockerRroomEscape By LOWCAL Co.,Ltd.


– escape game – locker room video cheats guide :

escape game locker room solution
get the soccer shoes on the left floor, observe it and flip the shoe to get 1 spike in the middle
tap the water bottle on chair right side

tap the football uniform to reveal the numbers :
0 – 6 – 12
enter these codes on the water bottle lid to open
get a power plug inside the bottle
check on the back of the bottle lid for code : 0713

move to the rigt and get the black soccer ball
tap the whiteboard and get pen on the left side
look at the middle of whiteboard, use the spike to fill in the hole
the safe will revealed, enter the numbers from water bottle lid
get coins inside


move to the right
observe the pen and remove the lid for knife
combine the soccer and knife to get a power cord, combine it with the power plug from inventory
tap the power panel on lower left vending machine
plug the power cord and look at the vending macine
there’s a keypad that you can enter 5 digit of numbers

go back to the whiteboard and count how many dot on the board from left to right for each column :
1 – 4 – 2 – 3 – 1
go to the vending machine and enter the code to keypad
the coins will gone and you will get a bottle of tea


move to the right and tap the cooler box to open
use the tea to melt the ice and get the key
tap the door and use key to unlock the door open, then escape !

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