Escape Game Wonderland Walkthrough

Step by step guide of Escape Game Wonderland Walkthrough – Escape from the room with wonderland theme ! Find 3 mushroom with different color and size, look for 4 blank cards and find the correct clock time for all 4 clock that have different shape, then you will be able to escape the room !
Escape Game: Wonderland By Goro Sato on iphone, ipad and android device – 脱出ゲーム Wonderland


Escape Game Wonderland video cheats guide :

Escape Game Wonderland Solutions :
go to the right and get a blue mushroom from lower right
take the photo frame from shelf, observe it to get 1st card
look at a book from upper right corner on shelf there are 2 pages with some circle clue, memorize them
open the cabinet door on bottom side
remember the Q position and move the rabbit to open door
go to right and get the crane from table
move to the next room

look at the tea cup on table, now change the position like the book clue :
get a mallet from cake
now move to the opposite side where you can see the green door
tap the floor left side to move the tile and get 2nd card
go to left, tap the hat on chair and move the rabbit to open door
move to next room

remember the A position then go to the left
place the crane on the left footprints on table
now change the device position like the book hint :
get a green mushroom on right side of the table
go to the right and look at bottom left of the bushes
move the rabbit to open door
go to the right and examine the lower left of the bushes
get the pink mushroom then move to the next room

look at the red seat on top of the cabinet
remember the K position then place the mallet on the wooden circle
move to the left and look at the knight helmet
move the rabbit and get the 3rd card
go to left and place the mushroom on the right box
place them from small to big : pink – green – blue
get a bottle from the box

now you need to count on the white dots from each mushroom :
pink = 3
green = 7
blue = 5
remember the J position on left table side

move to the left and look at the shape on right, these are the clock’s shape and hand position
look on left table, enter the numbers to the correct color like the mushroom clue
get the 4th card
observe the bottle from inventory and remove the lid
flip the card from inventory and combine with the bottle to get the card symbol
do these to all cards

back to the 1st room
go to the opposite side where you can see black door, tap the right wall
place the cards position like the hint that you’ve memorized :
King – Queen
Jack – Ace
get carrot


move to the opposite side and give the carrot to white rabbit on shelf
pick up the rabbit then move to the left
place the rabbit on the right chair, then a clock will appear
you need to change the clock time like the clue :
square = 12 – 45
go to the next room and change the clock time with shape :
triangle = 12 – 30
circle = 12 – 15
star = 12 – 30
when you’re done, you’ll hear a clock sound and escape !

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