Escape Genius Level 10 Walkthrough

Cheats for Escape Genius Level 10 Walkthrough – you’re on a living room, find out how to solve puzzle logic code on this stage if you stuck so you can be an escape genius or you will be locked forever from this room !
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Escape Genius Stage 10 Cheats
look at the balloon as position clue and tap the slider on right corner
move the yellow – red – blue color to the top
enter to get a blue box

tap the switch on right wall to see hints of :
x o o
o x o
x o x
apply the shape to 3×3 square on left wall for sd card

take a needle under right cushion of left sofa
use it to pop up the red balloon on left table
take the paper hint

pick up bottle on right table
insert sd card into the tablet to see the music tunes on piano
open the paper to see the order
press these piano key :
3rd 4th 2nd 1st 5th 6th
get the gem

use the bottle on left cake to see 3 shape :
circle – square – triangle
tap the heart tree picture on left to reveal button
enter the shape to get screwdriver
use the screwdriver to open hatch on left floor near cake table
obtain the ring

combine ring + gem and use it on blue box
take the key inside and open the door
continue to escape genius stage 11


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