Escape Genius Level 5 Walkthrough

Help for Escape Genius Level 5 Walkthrough – you’re on a bedroom, find out how to solve puzzle logic code on this stage if you stuck so you can be an escape genius or you will be locked forever from this room !
прохождение Escape Genius by Mobest Media on iphone and android


Escape Genius Stage 5 Cheats
get key under vase and use it to open left table drawer
take ipad inside and connect the picture like the photo clue on right side
count how many folder colors :
red = 7
blue = 6
green = 3

get battery under bed pillow
open bottom lamp table for screwdriver
take another battery under umbrella
use screwdriver to the left closet and insert batteries
enter the number : 3 6 7
get the suitcase and open it for paper clue

use the direction to press on the button behind right boat picture
obtain the key and use it to open door
exit to escape genius stage 6


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