Escape Hunt The Lost Temples Room 2 Walkthrough

Solution of Escape Hunt The Lost Temples Room 2 Walkthrough – An escape hunt experience, a game by neon play ! Professor Antoine Leblanc is missing… He was investigating the legendary city of Karnia in South Asia. As a renowned detective, the Royal Geographic Society sent you out to find out what happened to him ! you will start from the temple of khmer – 1890.
Room Escape game answer Escape Hunt: The Lost Temples by Neon Play on android and ios devices


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escape hunt the lost temples room 2 walkthrough :
find and pick up the eight stone tiles
place all 8 tiles on the right wall in front of the elephant statue and rearrange them into a picture
drag the elephant froward to the picture holes
the elephant statue will open and you can get the red gemstone
place the gemstone into the right big statue head, the eyes will glowing
this is the hint to get the middle statue eyes shining too

pick up the stick on right pot
take the piece of bark from left pot and straw from right pot
look at the end of the rope on left floor
place the bark + straw + stick
now swipe the stick backwards and forwards to create friction of fire
now you will find 4 stands

look for 4 small mirrors then place them into the stands
you need to reflect the front left and right to hit the mirror on the back left and right, and reflect it to the middle statue eyes
the mouth will open as door and you can continue to escape hunt the lost temples level 3


From Escape Hunt the world leader in live escape room games comes an incredible new puzzle adventure. Professor Antoine LeBlanc is missing, and only you can find him. Journey deep into mystical Temples of Khmer, using your detective skills to solve puzzles and uncover clues that will ultimately lead you to discover the missing Professor’s fate.
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