Escape Job Level 12 Country Retreat Walkthrough

Clue for Escape Job Level 12 Country Retreat Walkthrough – This painting should be an easy job. Pick-up the piece and let’s go, I have a hairdresser appointment in a couple of hours. This escape game has the classical room escape structure which means you need to pick locks, break codes, solve puzzles and use outside of the box thinking in order to find your way out.
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Escape Job Stage 12 Cheats
go inside right room and tap the drawer :
left middle and top right
obtain a screwdriver
go out and look at the middle side
pick up the phone head and use screwdriver to open the panel
tap 1st bottom – 3rd left – 2nd bottom 2x – 3rd bottom 1x
3rd left 3x – 3rd bottom 1x

look at the pool for dots number :
9 6 2 5
go to left room and pick up the remote TV
use it on tv and enter access code
take the speakers and place it on right window
change the audio frequency to match the wave :
top = left side
bottom = right side

the glass will crack, use the head phone to break it
take the painting
go out and escape through right door room
proceed to stage 13


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