Escape Job Level 15 Art Museum Walkthrough

Answers for Escape Job Level 15 Art Museum Walkthrough – Our target is a strange art piece held in this museum. Should be easy to recognize. This escape game has the classical room escape structure which means you need to pick locks, break codes, solve puzzles and use outside of the box thinking in order to find your way out.
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Escape Job Stage 15 Cheats
tap on left explore museum screen
you need to change all blocks into green color :
red on cyan
purple on red
yellow on purple
blue on yellow
green on blue

now tap on off buttons for electricity and glass dome
go to the middle and get the cube
pick up red flashlight on left seat
go back and open the middle statue drawer and get a purple flashlight
use red + purple flashlight on right green + blue door to get a combined numbers :
784 – 309
go to the middle and open left purse with this code
obtain a key inside and use it to open right panel
you need to switch places between the buttons color
move : green grey – grey – green – green – green – grey – grey – green – green – grey – green

go back and turn on the electricity on left screen
place the cube on the hand and get the green cube
escape through the middle door
proceed to stage 16


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