Escape Lost Article Walkthrough

Escape from the apartment room and find the missing earrings in Escape: LostArticle a game by WaveA PTE.LTD. Read the solution to find keys for each help hint on escape lost article walkthrough here
This game got a very long step and puzzle to solve, how to play :
Find items and hints hidden across the room by tapping the screen, and try to escape from the room you were locked in.


Some items you find can be combined with others.
Make sure to throughly check them on the details screen
So, do you think you can get out of this alive ?

You can save your game by choosing “save” or turning on the auto save function under “options”
To pick up where you left off, select “continue” at the title screen
To delete your safe file and start from the beginning, choose ” new game”

Change directions by tapping the arrows or flicking the screen
Double tap items to go to the detail screen
Combining the examined item with other items

Last month,
one of my colleagues was attacked by a stalker. It happened at the top floor of an apartment near the company.
She was held captive in a room there. But she managed to escape on her own and the criminal was caught too.
I called her because i was worried about her, but she said she wasn’t really bothered by it.
However, she did tell me that she had lost her grandmother’s earrings that day.
She said she had tried contacting the police, but they said they didn’t find anything during their investigations.
“If you lost them, then it must have happened in that room. I’ll find them for you”
I hung up, and headed for the apartment immediately.
When i entered the room it turned out to be very neat.
Her earrings must be here somewhere.
Bam ! Suddenly, the door slammed shut. I tried what i could, but it wouldn’t open. Well ain’t that just dandy.

Suddenly, my cell phone started ringing. I nervously answered the call.
??? : You have some nerve going there
What ?
??? : Well. you won’t be leaving either. Better make yourself comfortable.
Who are you ?
??? : Hehehe
He hung up. Was that the stalker ? But i thought he got caught ?
Either way, i have to get out of here. I should go and look somewhere else.

Escape: LostArticle Walkthrough
click on the cabinet near door
open and click the boots to the inventory item
click the top shoes, under one of shoe you can see a hint “AAA”
go back then tap the left side of the cabinet
obtain a metal shoehorn

back and move to the right to see a room with butterfly painting
click the left curtain, and zoom in the bottom right side to see some letters “YMO”

move right to see room with red chair
click on the table then zoom in the penholder
it’s a map, turn it around to find another letters “MA”


click on the table drawer to see the trash can
tap on the note to put it on the table, it’s locked
open the third drawer, tap the keypad to see “FOUR”

click under the table to see hint :

use the “four” hint before to separate the characters
combine the letters in every 4 character to get numbers : 6121
back to the drawer then enter the number to the keypad
obtain a key with heart design

Unlock the note on table with this key
“The moon can’t shine by itself. It needs the sun. The sun rests below God.”

move to the right room, tap the left painting
a picture of a constellation :
north 0
east 90
south 180
west 270

click on the boots, then double click it to get a yellow stick
now double click the stick to get a memo
there’s something written on it
upper right, upper right, bottom right, bottom left, upper left, bottom left

use the yellow stick to tap on the corkboard with the note direction
it’s a safe
back and click on the corckboard on floor, turn it over to see hint :
(NE + SW) x (NE+SE) : E
use the numbers from costellation for the formula, you will get 540
enter this number on safe to unlock
get a silver key

move to left, back to the table
use the key to open 1st drawer, get a long and narrow box
flip it over to see an umbrella picture

open second drawer to see a photo with date : 11 7 23
take a look inside, there’s a stuck item
use the metal shoehorn to get a coffee beans

open the box using code : 11723
get a key with star design

click on the red refrigerator right to the table
tap the small box on right
unlock it with the key you just found
obtain a phillips screwdriver


tap the cross on the wall
look at the screw nail on top, unscrew it
back and press it to make it fall, get a red stick
open the stick for note :
8405, 3248, 3186, 4 X X 8
The exit changes in 4 cycles. The 4th for a while

find out the value of XX from 4XX8
if you look on the numbers, you can get the 2 middle numbers get by multiplying the 1st and 4th digit
so you have the answer : 4 32 8

go to the door, look at the keypad
the value of the answer must be x 2
4328 x2 = 8656
open and go outside

click on the purple flower, get a magnet
move right to see a green box
look under it
combine metal shoehorn with magnet
get a moon key

click on the plant, tap to move it
read the hint on floor : OOYAMA

back inside to the refrigerator, open with moon key
get a mineral water

go to door room and tap on the shelf
click the red box, put on the magnet
tap to rotate the magnet
get a coffee cup

click on the coffee maker
pour the coffee beans on top
click the water tank on right, then poured the water mineral inside
put it back


press the white button to turn on the coffee maker
use the coffee cup on it to get a coffee
tap to drink coffee
now check on the cup to see a words : AOYAMA

now count how many letters that you have found so far :
A : 6
O : 3
Y : 2
M : 3

go outside to the green box and enter password : 632636
get a blue stick

back inside to the shelf near coffee maker
tap on the top right box
put in the 3 colored stick : red yellow blue
get a cross

move right and tap the cross on floor
flip it and put the cross on the hole
get a sun key


go outside, combine moon and star key into 1
open the door
tap the mail box, look behind it to get earrings
click on the right bar then use sun key to escape

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