Escape Machine City Level 6 Walkthrough

Cheats for Hotel Lobby Escape Machine City Level 6 Walkthrough – You’re doing quite well, but time is not our friend! A huge meteor shower will hit us any minute now… You have to take the elevator to the top floor right now! Escape game with stunning 3D graphics and visual effects, dozens of unique puzzle code and challenges! Operate numerous fascinating machines, search for hints to guide you !
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Escape Machine City Stage 6 Cheats
look at the cart to get knife and pencil under papers
go up through the stairs
use knife to cut on the wires and get the battery
take the wrench on left chair

go back down and look at the table
use pencil on the paper to reveal numbers : 7369
place the battery on the box and move the square to the right
here’s the direction answer :
right – up – right – down – left – down
left – down – right – up – left – up

take the ticket and use it on the lift panel
you need to move the yellow things using tower of hanoi puzzle logic
first move it to elevator II
use the wrench to get the nut and meter

now move the lift to elevator I
place the meter and add the nut
now change the numbers into 7 3 6 9
tap the lift to escape
proceed to escape machine city level 7


step by step escape machine city hotel lobby level 6 video guide

Can you escape Machine City? An imminent destruction is facing the town, and you are the only one left behind…
Discover a strangely unique machine world that is trapped on a high cliff in a desolated wasteland.
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