Escape Quest Level 10 Walkthrough

Guide for Escape Quest Level 10 Walkthrough how to pass the room niveau 10 – collect and combine items, solve puzzle codes to escape the room with key and move to next stage !
Escape Quest – Adventure by Mobigrow / Tedven LLC / Mobest Media on on iphone / android device


escape quest stage 10 solution
open the top right blue cabinet to get a red button
pick up a white button on the right table
get an ice on the plate from middle table

tap the microwave and put the ice inside, then use the white button on the microwave
press the button in the correct order to turn it on
4 6
5 2
1 3
get the key and use it to open the green cabinet
obtain a bread and battery inside

get a knife under the blue cabinet door and use it on the bread to make a slice
connect the red button to the toaster and put the bread on it
tap the red button to see clue 13:56 on the bread and get the blue key

use the key to open bottom blue cabinet to get another battery
tap the left wall and put 2 battery on the slot
enter the clock time so the door open, escape for the next level

escape quest nivel 10 video cheats guide :


Welcome to the first episode of “Escape Quest” – from the developers of “Can You Escape”! Are you ready to face this challenging adventure game full of tricky puzzles and mind blowing twists?
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